Management Structure

Vernon Fleet: Managing Director. Vern still has hands on Day to Day running of the business much to the dismay of Amanda. He remains the contact point along with Steve for old and new clients. Vern has over 40 years experience in the building industry & with his wealth of knowledge is also used as a consultant on various projects
Amanda Fleet: Office Manager. Amanda has been working for VJ Fleet & Sons since she was in Primary School. Vernon used to pick her up from school and dangle her down the manhole to collect his various tools he dropped during the day. Amandas duties involve the organisation of the day to day running of the company
Steve Jarrold: Project Manager. Steve has worked for VJ Fleet & Sons for over 25 years as well as picking up the pieces after Vernon, Steve is responsible for pricing, co-ordinating & overseeing all of the ongoing projects & working closely with the clients to ensure all work is carried out to their satisfaction
Wayne Jarrold: Senior Foreman. Wayne has been working for VJ Fleet & Sons for over 100 years & is still on site. His nickname is "Hurry up" & "Tornado". Eventually he will help to take the reigns from Vern